Important Notice to all Presenters and Participants

Please check your email for the conference kit. In the kit, you will get the AES2021 e-Proceedings, AES2021 Programme Book, Guidelines, Zoom Meeting Link, and Zoom Backdrop image.

Download AES2021 Programme Book here

Guidelines for presenters

  1. The symposium date is 28 July 2021 (Wednesday).

  2. The symposium schedule will be shared with all presenters and participants by 25 July 2020 via email.

  3. A WhatsApp group will be created and all presenters and participants will be invited to join. 

  4. Fees payment must be settled by 24 July 2021.

  5. Presentation is via Zoom and the link to join the symposium will be shared by email and WhatsApp no later than 27 July 2021, subject to the settlement of payment.

  6. It is not permissible to share online link and password to any other person because registration with payment is compulsory to attend in the symposium.  

  7. The symposium will start at 8:00 a.m. (Malaysian time) and all presenters and participants are requested to attend and complete online registration on time.

  8. Presenters must follow these guidelines:

  • Please note the time of your presentation. If you are in a different time zone, please account for the time difference.

  • Please register into ZOOM using your registered paper number and name, example (123) Abu.

  • Presenters have 15 minutes to present and will be followed by 15 minutes of discussion and Q&A session. Total time allocated for each presentation is 30 minutes.

  • Please ensure that your presentation slides are prepared at least one day before the session, and you may share them with the secretariat (by email, together with your paper number for our kind reference).

  • Please make sure to test your camera and microphone/ headset before the session.

  • Please be prepared and join the ZOOM session at least 5 minutes before the start of the session.

  • Please mute your microphone unless you want to present or to talk.

  • If you wish to ask a question, please write your question in the Chatbox.

  • When it is time for your presentation, kindly press “share screen” from your computer.

  • Please ensure that your presentation is within the time frame as mentioned by the session chair.

  • If you require any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact the secretariat team via this email address:

 9. Virtual certificate will be issued for presenter and participation of the symposium by           30th July 2021 via email.

  • To get presenter certificate, there must a record of live or recorded video presentation of the presenter (recorded by the organizer during parallel session). 

  • To get participation certificate, candidate must have a record of attending all session of the symposium. 

10. There are several types of publications liked with the symposium:

  • The abstract of the articles will be published in a “Programme Book”.

  • There will be a proceeding of symposium, which will include only full submitted article and which were submitted within the given time.

  • Some selected paper will be published in linked journals. The suitable options will be informed via email after the conference.

11. If you have any query, make sure to mention the unique Article Reference ID or                     participation reference number for all email correspondence to

  1. Please join the ZOOM session early, at least 10 minutes before the start of your session. This enables you to ensure that the connection is stable and audio and video equipment are working.

  2. Please familiarise yourself with the topic you are chairing and go through the papers or documents before the session.

  3. It is a good practice to get to know the presenters before the session. This will make the speakers more comfortable and create an engaging session.

  4. Before starting the session, make sure ZOOM “recording” is turned on. Please ensure that your video is turned on and pay attention to the speakers.

  5. Start with welcome the audience and speakers, introduce yourself, and the session’s topic.

  6. Remind the participants to turn off their microphones, except for the speaker during his allocated presentation and during the Q&A session.

  7. After the presentation, the chair will call upon the discussant of the paper to discuss and throw questions to the presenter. Once it is done, invite questions from the audience. You may also ask your own question. We recommend that Q&A session be done at the end of the session after the presentation has been completed.

  8. Please manage the time. Ensure that the session starts and end according to the time given (15 minutes presentation & 15 minutes for Q&A including discussion). Each speaker has an equal amount of time available.

  9. Be strict with time. If a speaker does not end on time, do not wait politely until they have finished. It is acceptable for you to interrupt and remind them of the time remaining. The rule of thumb is 10-15 minutes per speaker to allow for a sufficient Q&A session.

  10. Finally, you may make some closing remarks and thank the speakers and the audience for attending. If there is some time remaining, you can invite the speakers and participants to turn on their videos to take a screenshot of the session.

  1. Please join the ZOOM session early, at least 10 minutes before the start of your session. This enables you to ensure that the connection is stable and audio and video equipment are working.

  2. Please familiarise yourself with the paper you are given to discuss.

  3. You may prepare a short slide show (2-3 slides are good to go) to be used during the discussion.

  4. The time given for you to discuss the paper is about 5 minutes. The next 10 minutes are used for Q&A session.

Guidelines for chairpersons

Guidelines for discussants