For a presenter, whose paper is accepted for presentation at AES2021



For a student presenter, whose paper is accepted for presentation at AES2021. (Proof of student status is required)



For participants of AES2021 who are not presenting any paper(s)

Second Paper


An additional fee of RM50 for the second paper presented at AES2021

International Presenter


For an international presenter, whose paper is accepted for presentation at AES2021


Payment Guidelines

  1. Kindly make your payment by 14 July 2021.

  2. Choose your payment mode on the UUM e-com online payment portal page. (Please click "CLICK HERE FOR PAYMENT" below).

    • For a payment via online banking, click the link of your bank's online banking site on the first column. Please make a transfer to UUM bank account:​​                                                              Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad: 0209-3010-0000-10

    • IMPORTANT: Please fill up the payee reference column as "AES2021".

    • For a payment via credit/debit card, click the payment using credit card on the second column.

    • For a payment via FPX, click the payment link on the last column.

  3. For the payment using credit/debit card or FPX, fill up your personal details.

  4. On the dropdown menu <Payment For>, choose <Other Payments>.

  5. IMPORTANT: On the dropdown menu <Description>, type "AES2021" as the payment reference.

  6. Insert the correct payment amount and click <Submit>.

  7. Save your payment receipt and send it to aes@uum.edu.my for our reference. 



This is the registration form for presenters and participants. Please fill up this form and send to us your payment receipt to aes@uum.edu.my as a confirmation of your participation and for our record.

Participant Category (Tick only one)

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